Nintendo R4 3DS and the advantages

With Nintendo’s release of its portable handheld console, the 3DS, gamers are beginning to question if there are any products that they can buy to help enhance their experience. Aside from games, there is a component known as a R4 3DS card that can help to maximize the way that a user uses their 3DS. Rather than relying on factory settings and components that come stock with the handheld device, the R4 3DS provides more customizable features that are great for beginner and veteran gamers.

Revolutionizing Your Gaming Experience

The majority of individuals believe that the 3DS is only useful for playing games but that is not the case. With the help of a R4 3DS card, users are able to maximize their experience by listening to music, watching movies, or surfing the internet. Rather than relying on your device for its generic offerings, ensure that you have the best of the best in terms of your gaming console. official r4 3dsWith the ample amount of versatility that the R4 3DS cards provide, the benefits are relatively endless.

General Overview of the Cards

These small components are essentially cartridges that are built to be the same size as regular 3DS game cartridges. The only difference is that with the use of the R4 card, you can put a micro SD card in the back of the cartridge. This will serve as extra storage space for any of the application and files that you want to access. Instead of wasting vital space on the hard drive of your console, you will be able to remotely save your information on a portable component that can be transferred from one device to another.

Programs from Indie Developers

One of the largest benefits associated with the R4 3DS cards is that you will be able to play and experience unique games and applications that have been developed by independent developers. Rather than only supporting big name companies, you will be able to download different programs offered to you from the general public. Another benefit associated with using programs from indie developers is that you won’t have to pay for the applications in comparison to if they were offered by larger companies that would charge you for downloads.

Essentially the R4 3DS card is a great way to change your Nintendo handheld console to ensure that you gain the best experience possible. Don’t resort to traditional gaming, partake in this new phenomenon.

Why gamers use the Nintendo DS

Numerous gamers from all over the world trust in Nintendo for the best game consoles. The company has produced a series of the wonderful game devices that are truly worth talking about. The Nintendo DS Lite is regarded as one of the best creations from the company. The DS Lite is a handheld game console that is created with a dual-screen. It is lighter, brighter, and much slimmer than the Nintendo DS. In addition, the DS Lite has a large market in all areas of the globe. Recent survey shave revealed that most game players actually prefer the DS Lite than other DS models. In 2009, the sales of this amazing portable game console have reached 84.49 million worldwide. At present, Nintendo loyalists are enjoying newer models such as the DSi and the 3DS but there is still a solid market for the DS Lite.

There are several reasons why a lot of professional game players choose to buy the DS Lite over other Nintendo models. Among the reasons is its sizable stylus, making it easier to grip and more convenient to use. You can find the stylus snugly located at the right side of the device, just beside the power switch. This is very advantageous for the right-handed people but left-handed individuals may find this a bit of an inconvenience. Nevertheless, this minor detail has not affected the sales of the Nintendo R4 3DS Lite over the years. If you are interested in getting a DS Lite, you will be happy to see that there are various colors to choose from such as the Polar White or Crystal White, Metallic Rose, Ice Blue, Jet Black, Cobalt, or Onyx, Enamel Navy, Gloss Silver, Red, Lime Green, Turquoise, Noble Pink or Coral Pink, and Crimson. With so many shades available, you are sure to get the console color that you like best.

Another reason why many game players like choosing the DS Lite over other Nintendo DS is its processor. The processors are really the same but the DS Lite processor is built in a smaller custom process. This allows the device to function at its best but with much less power needed. This special detail is a big plus for the DS Lite as many gamers can enjoy a much longer game time. There is also a noticeable improvement in how the games run. And for people that enjoy group games, DS Lite proves to be the best console yet. The PictoChat software is an awesome feature in Nintendo DS Lite that allows a maximum of 16 users from a local range to communicate with each other during the game. And who will not be delighted with a larger display? The bigger screen of the DS Lite measuring 3.8 inches helps the player to enjoy the games and to have a better overall game experience.

Over the years, Nintendo has produced the best game consoles for all of their customers to enjoy starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) up to the portable ones that are very popular today. The company has been focused on giving what their customers want in terms of gaming. Improvements made on the game consoles have made many of the Nintendo loyalists very much satisfied. The DS Lite is certainly one of the top handheld consoles today even with new DS models already out in the market.